The Accident Season

Moria Fowley-Doyle

Summary of the Book

Every October, Cara and her family undergo accidents and pain. Some years it can be bad, yet some years the family experiences little to no damage to their bodies. Like on season when their male role model of the house hold had died. This family knows come accident season, they stalk up on bandages, taping every sharp corner with bubble wrap, avoid using sharp knives and making sure they unplug everything from electricity.

It was one accident season that Cara starts asking questions. Cara believes that she experiences an uncomfortable haunting.

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Playlist overview

Song #1

I chose this song because i think it fits well with that creepy and scared feeling of someone watching you. Cara feels like she is being watched every where she goes. Every picture, photograph, door way, or store, "she" is there. Cara knows she had seen her before in school. When she went to the principal looking for her, there way no record of ever having her in the school. She goes by the name of Elsie.

Lyrics: "Tip-Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me" by Tiny Tim

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Song #2

I chose this song because Cara and her best friend Bea are in search of the mysterious girl named Elsie. In a newspaper article there were signs of Elsie. The article gave directions to Elsie's house. The house happened to be in the forest by Cara's house. These girls wanted to be nice and invite her to their party that they were throwing. Instead of finding her house, they stumble across and old abandoned house. They were curious enough to take a wonder through. They never found Elsie but the found their party house.

Lyrics: Carousel by Melanie Martinez

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Song #3

I chose this song because Cara is in love with her ex-step-brother, Sam. His father was killed by being pushed down a waterfall. Therefore, this is how Sam was no longer her step-brother.

The two became really close toward the end of the book. They were always together, they were pretty much a package deal. They always stuck up for each other. But this couple thing was a "secret".

Lyrics: In my Life by The Beatles

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Song #4

I chose this song because Cara finally finds out the truth. Elsie was never real, she was a spirit sent to watch over her, her family, and friends. She was the secret that she never knew about. Cara's mother had a child that died at an early age, Elsie. Cara was the only one who could see Elsie. Elsie wanted Cara to see her. Instead of asking questions about the pictures, being followed, and what was she doing, She spilled out her secrets. As she spoke Elsie typed. This was a break through moment for Cara. She was always afraid of her secrets. Now her secrets are free.

Lyrics: Secret by Pierces

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