Fourth Grade News

Mrs. Spencer's Class - Week of 1/19


We are off to a great start this week. Students are greatly anticipating tomorrow's Engineering Day. Ask your child about the sessions that he or she selected for tomorrow. We are fortunate to have engineers from Benchmark Engineering come in to lead the sessions.

We will be busy this week wrapping up second quarter. It is hard to believe that the year is nearly half way completed!

Remember, there is no school next Monday or Tuesday due to end of quarter and staff development.

Please see below for reminders and weekly objectives!

Updates, Objectives, and Links

This Week's Important Updates:

  • Conferences: I am looking forward to meeting for conferences on Thursday, January 29th and Tuesday, February 3rd. If you have not yet signed up for a conference time, please use the PTC Fast system or email me to set up a time. I can meet for morning conferences if needed. Please let me know! I look forward to meeting and discussing your child's progress.
  • Donations Needed: We will be playing a dice game at our Valentine's Day classroom party this year. In this game, students will get to select a wrapped item from a pile. If you are able to donate small prizes for the dice game, please let me know. Your child can bring them in unwrapped or if possible, please wrap each item in newspaper and label it B, G, or B/G for boy, girl, or either boy or girl. These can be small prizes from the $1 section at any store or food/candy items. If you'd like specific ideas, please let me know. Thank you so much for your help! NOTE: Students will still exchange valentines with classmates. See below for a list of students in our class for addressing valentines.
  • IXL: IXL log-in information is as follows: / User: firstinitiallastname@kmps (ex. rspencer@kmps) / PW: Lunch Number. This is a great resource for further practice on skills we are studying as well as enrichment in new areas of study!
  • Homework Routines: Remember: students are assigned to reading 30-35+ minutes nightly, practicing math facts for 5-10+, completing the nightly Study Link/math assignment, and completing a spelling assignment nightly.
  • Transportation Changes?: Please write a note in your child’s planner, send me a note, or send me an e-mail any time your child has a change in transportation plans. This is very important! Thank you!

Valentine's Day

Dear Parent(s),

We will be having our Valentine’s Day party on Friday, February 13th, in the classroom. Please have your child make a valentine box or bag at home. Old shoe boxes, oatmeal boxes, food canisters, gift bags, etc. work great and can really be transformed with some creativity. This could be a fun family activity. Think of a theme or concept for the box and go for it! Your child may bring his/her box to school starting on Wednesday, February 11th.

Exchanging valentines on Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to express friendship. If your child wishes to participate, please make sure every classmate gets a valentine so that no child feels left out. Here is our class list:




















Alex J.


Alex S.


In addition to exchanging valentines, we will also be playing the dice game. If you are able to donate small prizes for our game, please let me know! Further, we will be having a baby picture guessing game. During the first week of February, I will invite each child to bring a baby picture of him- or herself to be used for our guessing game. Past students have loved these two activities, so I look forward to this year!

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Mrs. Spencer


PRUNES is a mnemonic to help students remember the steps when working through questions on a test. You may have heard students talk about Pre-RAP as another memory device (Preview, Read x2, Answer, Prove/Check). Ask your child about these strategies at home! Remember, reading at home is essential to student success!!

Preview - number of paragraphs, look at pictures, read directions

Read - 2x, highlight questions

Underline - locate answers in text and underline

Notice - look for key words in questions

Eliminate - x-out incorrect answers

Survey - check that all answers are complete and that all answers have been proven

This Week's Objectives:

Language Arts:

  • We are reading various selections in our Storyworks magazines.
  • We are reading How Night Came from the Sea and writing our own folktales.
  • We are building reading stamina and working on expanding vocabulary.


  • We are using ordered number pairs to locate points on a map.
  • We are reviewing the coordinate grid system.
  • We are locating positions on the global coordinate grid system.
  • We are describing parallel and intersecting lines in terms of latitude and longitude.
  • We are solving division problems using both the partial-quotients and traditional methods for division.
  • We are developing speed and accuracy with multiplication and division facts. Please help your child remember to practice facts at home each night for both multiplication and division! It is essential that students know basic facts with speed and accuracy. Thank you!

Science/Social Studies:

  • In Science, we are continuing our study of rocks and minerals. We are working on Science Detective passages and reading Science Studies Weekly.
  • In Social Studies, students are learning about the three branches of government.

Weekly Learning Links:

IXL Weekly Topics: E.4, E.5, E.8, P.13, P.15, P.17, I.2

Students should aim to master as many topics as they can each week!

Read Theory - This is a great way to practice reading passages and answering questions online. The website is


Hour of Code (Learn coding!):

All Math Study Links:

Big IQ Kids Spelling/Vocab:

Have an excellent week!

Please contact me with any questions or comments.


Mrs. Spencer