Cars Made From Junk!

Come watch us race junk cars with balloons in science class!

Come on over and enjoy the race!

This all stared out by learning about finding acceleration and velocity, and now we are creating our own cars to find their speed and velocity! With this fun of a project... It will never get old! :D

This week Monday 9, 2015 through, Friday 13, 2015!

Come on down to Mrs.Bonewitz's science class and watch, build, and race a car! Tell the speed and acceleration of the car and you'll be amazed what a balloon could do for a junk car! :D

Some of the Amazing Ideas!

Guaranteed to be Amazing and Epic :D

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the supplies? You get the supplies from garbage, as this project is called "junk cars"! How do you create them? With a little hot glue hear and there... You'll get it working in no time! :D

These are gonna be epic!

You know you want to make a junk car now! Maybe a pop can with toothpick axels and lids for wheels. A big ole balloon taped on back to make it power its way down the track! come on and make one! :D

Come on!

Please come this week to watch the cars race! it would be an entertaining way to enjoy your weekly afternoon! So come on down!