Highlands Physical Education

“Every winner was once a beginner”

What have we been doing in PE?

A bit of a recap!

-Intramural Floor Hockey ended last month...check out the video at the end of the newsletter!

-All 4th grade students ended their week long bowling unit at Tuttle's in Hopkins on Friday, March 20th.

-Jump Rope for Heart was a HUGE success again this year! Check out the video at the end of the newsletter to see if we met our goal!!

-Past units include: bowling, parachute, PACER, games, short & long jump rope, Jump Rope for Heart Event

This newsletter also includes information on the following:

-Fitness logging homework (due May 1, 2015)

-5th grade bike trip

-Intramural floor hockey video

-Did you Know fact from the HL Wellness Committee

-National Bike & Walk to school day on May 6, 2015

The school year is winding down at an alarming rate! This will be the LAST PE newsletter of the 2014-2015 school year.


Intramural Floor Hockey

Fun in PE (March/April)

Jump Rope for Heart

Fitness Logging Homework for 1st-5th graders in Mrs. Mickschl's PE classes is due May 1, 2015!

By May 1, 2015, all students are required, as part of their participation grade in PE to log onto Mrs. Mickschl's webpage and log their fitness minutes. Students have had and will continue to have the opportunity to do this homework assignment DURING PE class. iPads are available to use during PE classes, but the student has to make the choice to use them.

The number of entries varies by your child's grade...

1st and 2nd graders are required to log their fitness minutes at least 10 times before

May 1, 2015.

3rd, 4th and 5th graders are required to log their fitness minutes at least 20 times before May 1, 2015.


Please note...

The activity needs to be physical...walking, running, swimming, gymnastics, hockey, sledding (not with a tow rope), ice skating, playing tag, etc.

Only 1 entry may be completed each day

Activity must be outside of PE class, but could include recess, snack break, etc.

Activity must be within one week of logging the activity

Activity must be done PRIOR to entering it online

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5th Grade Bike Trip

Tuesday, May 26th, 9:45am

5505 Doncaster Way, Edina, MN 55436

Did you know…the 5th grade Bike Trip is just around the corner??

Students will need to know how to ride a bike safely. They will also need a bike that is in good working condition (examples: tires are inflated properly, brakes work, handlebars secure, etc.). Dirt bikes are NOT recommended for this field trip. Students are required to wear a HELMET for safety! I will send a bike checklist home when the field trip gets closer. If you know your child will NOT be riding a bike the day of the field trip, but still plans to attend, I need to know ASAP so that I can make appropriate arrangements to get them to and from the parks.

Lastly, please note that our bike trip will be 7 MILES round trip…up and down some pretty big hills. Please consider biking with your son/daughter prior to our field trip so that they have built up some endurance and can bike the entire distance.

From the Highlands Wellness Committee

Did you know??

A recent U.N. report concluded that raising animals for food is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all worldwide transportation systems combined. You can use your fork as a powerful tool against climate change and pollution! Replace one animal protein based meal per week with a vegetarian or plant based protein meal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

Walk With Us to School on May 6!

In recognition of National Bike & Walk to School Day on
Wednesday, May 6, the Highlands Wellness Committee invites students and parents to meet and walk to school together! We will gather outside of the Edina Public Library beginning at 8:30am, and depart for Highlands as a group at 8:45am. Anyone who lives close to the school is welcome to walk on their own or jump in and join our parade as we pass by. The walk will proceed from the library along the sidewalks on Vernon Avenue and Doncaster Way. All participants will receive a water bottle for the walk. For those parents unable to walk back to their vehicles, return bus transportation will be available. Parking is permitted outside of the library as well as (TBD). We encourage carpooling, if possible!

Intramural Floor Hockey Club - 2015
Fun in PE - March/April
Jump Rope for Heart 2015