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Come and Get the best homeade scarfs and hats!

Our products is intended to keep us warm and even just to look fashionable. Our scarfs and hats comes in all sorts of styles whether its just because you want a classy look or casual.


-Age: All ages from newborns to Adults

-Gender: Females 75% and Males 25%

-Ethnic: All Ethnicities

-Geographic: Our scarfs and hats are mainly used in the Falls and Winters in the Northern states such as New York, New Jersey, Vermont and etc. but it can also be used in Southern states such as Georgia, Alabama and etc..

Psychographics: Scarfs and hats are seen very useful to when it comes to harsh winters. It keeps us up to 75% warmer.

Wow, is that, no it can't be... homemade scarfs and Hats!

Throw yourself into a pile of love!