The Dynasties of China

By: Landon Robinson & Nick Kendall

The Shang Dynasty: Bronze Making

This accomplishment helped the Shang empire have strong armies. The bronze was stronger, so the soldiers could kill people easier. Craftspeople used bronze to make many tools of war, including arrowheads, spearheads, ax heads, and helmets. The bronze making skills of the Shang is one of the reasons they were able to remain in power for more than 500 years.

The Bronze Army

The Zhou Dynasty: Philosophies

The three main philosophies were Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. Confucianism was focused more on having teachers that gave instructions, and students follow them. Daoism is focused on doing whatever feels natural to you. You have to feel one with nature. Legalism is a very strict based system. If you behave badly, then your punishment is bad also. If your behavior is good, then you are rewarded.

The Qin Dynasty: Culture

The Emperor of Qin standardized China during his rule. He made the currency all the same throughout China. He also made weights so it was easier for merchants. And lastly, he made the language the same. He made a language of 9,000 characters. This helped China become a unified nation.

The Qin Dynasty: Great Walls of Protection

It helped keep invaders out and the people of China in. In the textbook it stated that other temples could not advance over the wall. If they can’t get over the wall, they can’t invade.

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The Han Dynasty: Paper

This invention helped people communicate. Instead of using bamboo to write on, they used paper. Today we think of paper as nothing. We really don’t even need paper because of all the new technology.

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The Han Dynasty: Iron Swords

The iron swords made the Han dynasty a great dynasty. They made it so that the soldiers could swing harder because of the lighter weight. They could also make swords longer. They was fewer injuries because the soldiers could swing their swords from longer distances and still hit the target.

The Han Dynasty: The Silk Wheel

This invention helped with making silk easier, by making it foot powered. It made the silk production was more efficient and valuable in trade. It also made China very rich. They charged people for the long journey and travel to receive the silk. Silk made people very jealous of China. China would not share the secret of how to make silk.

The Han Dynasty: Salt Mining

They learned how to mine salt from under the ground. They dug deep wells using an iron-tipped bamboo drills. When they reached salt level, a hollow bamboo pole was dropped into the well.

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