Babe and Me

Dan gutman


This kid named Joe discovers a pack of old baseball cards that take him to the past. Him and his father want to make some money so they have a 3 step plan to make money. When they get there they have to get to babe and d there 3 steps to make money.


in the first part of the book they are they are in the present time at there house. In the middle part of the book they are in 1933. At the end of the book they go back to there present time.


in this story there are Joe, Bill (Joe's dad),Babe Ruth. Joe is a young boy his age is 12 he has dark brow hair and he likes to play Baseball. Bill is Joe's dad he is not around a lot and Joe doesn't really like him. Joe likes to watch baseball. Babe is really loud, funny, and he has a really loud mouth.


Time Travel would be theme of this story. Time Travel because the main charters of the story went back in time. They also came back from the future.