FMHS Cheer Tryouts

Here you will find all information for tryouts

Link to all tryout paperwork

Click the link to see all forms and handbooks that were handed out at the meeting on Tuesday. Remember that all paperwork is due March 2nd by 3:45pm. Please follow all instructions in packet for order of paperwork and all forms required. Click here to see forms.

Important Dates for Tryout

Friday March 2nd ALL PAPER WORK DUE
Monday March 5th 4:30-6 Station Judging
Tuesday March 6th 4:30-6 Station Judging
Wednesday March 7th 4:30-6:00 Station Judging
Thursday March 8th-4:30-6 Cheer/Dance Tryout

Score Breakdown

Judging Criteria for High School Cheerleaders

Spirit/Enthusiasm/Voice (5)

Running Tumbling (5)

Standing Tumbling (5)

Jumps (5)

Motion Technique (10)

Dance/Coed Stunt (10)

Stunt (10)

Clinic Evaluation (15) (This score will come from the entire week based on participation and is only figured into the final score ONCE)

Returning members will have their 3 evaulation scores tabulated in.


On the very last page of the tryout packet there is a page titled "JV WAIVER". This MUST be filled out, signed and placed in a sealed envelope with your name on it when all other paperwork is turned in. The envelope will be given to Mr. Brown and will ONLY be opened in the event that you do not make Varsity. If you really love cheer and want to be a part of a great program we highly recommend that you choose the JV option. Again, we will not know your decision unless you do not make Varsity.


If you did not make cheer you have the option to try out for mascot. You will still be part of the program and receive the same PE credits as the cheerleaders. Email if interested.

Additional Info for All

The try out clinic is an opportunity for the coaches to see your existing skills and how quickly you can pick up new skills. It is NOT a clinic to teach skills. The coaches are there only for scoring and will not help you learn skills needed for try outs.


You will say the words exactly as they say them. On Monday you will be shown how to use a sign in the cheer. For your try outs after the jump you will pick up the sign and do "sign work" for one GO, FIGHT, WIN. Motions for one "GO, FIGHT, WIN" and the "hit the crowd" for one "GO, FIGHT, WIN."


There is an example of dance done to speed, one to teach you and one to practice with along with the music. You will draw for numbers on Monday and that is how you will figure out which ripple to go on.

15 point Clinic Evaulation

These points come from how you do during the clinic evaluation. Are you working well with your potential squad, your attitude during the week, are you using your time wisely, are you giving 100% the whole time, are you coming to practice ready to practice in correct attire, no jewelry, hair correct etc. Remeber if you make the team all of these things will be judged every day by the entire school and community because you represent a well know program and school.

What to wear EVERYDAY

•A plain white correct fit t-shirt

•Black athletic shorts with nothing on it

•A plain white grosgrain bow

•Any type of athletic shoe

Big picture

How will try outs work?


(incoming freshmen we are aware that you will be late, that's OK)


3:45-4:05-Station 1 for JV and Varsity candidates

4:05-4:25-Station 2 for JV and Varsity candidates

4:25-4:45-Station 3 for JV and Varsity candidates (freshmen stretch on your own as you arrive)

4:45-5:05-Freshmen Station 1 JV and Varsity candidates Station 4

5:05-5:25-JV and Varsity candidates possible station callbacks Freshmen Station 2

5:25-5:45-JV and Varsity possible station callbacks Freshmen Station 3

5:45-6:00-Freshmen Station 4

What is a Station:

There will be a Tumble/jump station, Stunting station, Dance station and cheer station. There will be a coach at each station as well as graduating seniors to help answer any questions. Everyday you will be judged by a different coach at the Jump/Tumble station and stunt station. Cheer and dance stations are for you to practice and perfect these routines before Thursday.

You will be placed in a station group and given a station rotation schedule as well as your tryout number on the first day. This will not change for the rest of the week.

There may be call backs for candidates to a judging station if the coach fells that it is necessary.


Everyday you will be asked to perform the standard jumps in cheer. They do not have to be connected. Below is an example of what the jump portion of the station will look like. Formations will be changed so that the coach can see each candidate multiple times from different views.


For the tumbling portion of the station we will all do standing tumbling in lines and then do corner to corner running tumbling. You will have 1 warm-up pass for both standing and running and the next one will be judged for the day. See below for an example of how it will look.


You will be placed in a stunt group based off of what position you are trying out for. Each candidate must try out for 2 stunting positions (base, flyer or back spot). You will have the opportunity to warm-up the stunt and the next time would be to perform it. Start with the hardest skill you think you can do. If you can't do that skill during warm-ups the coach will tell you you do not qualify to attempt the stunt and to try and easier skill. See below for suggested stunts and to see how stunting will look.

Thursday Judging

On Thursday you will perform your cheer and dance in front of the coaches. Below you will see the expectation on how this portion of the try out will look. THIS IS NOT THE CHEER AND DANCE YOU NEED TO LEARN!! For the dance you will be group with the two number next to yours. For the dance you will be expected to do the cheer 3 times so that we can see your motions, work with a prop and rallying technique (this will be done by yourself).


You should be going to the website that was attached to the QR code you received at tryouts last night.