The smart way to online listings and classifieds

Who says online listings can't be intelligent?

instaList delivers the most relevant online listing information to users based on what they want and need, ranging from sale items, housing, to services and job posts. Delivering "smart listings" or "intelli-listings" (Trademark in progress), instalist is:


Provides mobile image upload and visual browsing technology (e.g. instagram, Pinterest)

A MicroListing (TM) Platform and Real-time Listings Network

Listings are easily organized into local group and categories by hashtag search (e.g. Twitter)

Machine Learning-Powered

Based on instaAlerts(TM) and browsing history, instaList figures out what users are looking for and delivers personalized listings. (e.g. Netflix)

Mobile and Location-optimized

Listings are optimized to where users want to sell or buy. Our mobile app also allows users to instantly upload images and add listings while on the move.

Our Alpha Product is Ready

We have an alpha product built on beautiful code and web design by a team of computer scientists, designers and business developers.

instaList Beta will launch in November with 5 east coast student communities secured. Contact information for a product demo can be found at the bottom of the page.

Our product in action:

NYTM Demo Description (~3 minutes)

After a very brief description of instaList and our motivation behind the site, we will run through how to sign up and add a listing on instaList.

Performing a combined hashtag search of the columbia community, a specific dorm building and a unique category, the demo will then drill into the detailed listing and messaging features.

We'll then showcase how location and contact information is seamlessly integrated into the listings.

How big is the market?

$30bn+ market in online classified ads. Growth in CAGR is 30% year over year since 2007. Consumer-wise, US online traffic to classified advertising websites grew 30 - 50 % year-on-year since 2009. We hypothesize that creation of a platform that enables better organization of listings and recommendations will expand market size (akin to AirBnB for online peer-to-peer rentals).

Built by a team of technologists and seasoned entrepreneurs

Business Model and FAQ

Come talk with us about our distribution. go-to-market and expansion strategy using groups, revenue model, current funding, advisor board, list of other contributors and vision for optimizing the way locals buy and sell from each other. We want to democratize information sharing through online listings within local groups, organizations and communities. Our belief is that so much more can be done to enhance the end-to-end user experience for online listings.

Contact us for a product demo.