Bean plant

David Hamilton

What I did to my plant

When I started.. I just planted the seed, and watered it. Then a few days later I checked up on my plant, and the roots where growing through the bottom. So then i had to put a cup of dirt under my other cup so the roots would be able to have soil to grow in. I also put about 4 fertilizer sticks in so far. I've watered it about every other day. I put a little bamboo rod next to my plant so it could have something to support/rest on. We built a structure out of Popsicle sticks to hold all 3 cups together. I transplanted my plant today (12/2/14) because the cup was moldy. So I hope it dont die. I also added 2 more fertilizer sticks. I have to rebuild my structure today (12/4/14)


My plant grew better then i suspected. With water, love, and some fertilizer, It sprouted right up. My structure broke 2 times though. What i also did was water my plant every 2 days, and i had my plant resting against a stick.