Dishman Hills High School

Weekly Update - November 23, 2020

Update from the Principal

Term 2 starts on November 30th with a new bell schedule. We will stick with the same pattern where AM students have classes on Tuesday and Friday and PM students have classes on Monday and Thursday. The class times have been adjusted to 50 minutes and advisory has been removed as a whole group class. Instead, advisors will continue to schedule individual and small group check-ins at an agreed upon time once a week.

This new schedule will allow us to more easily move between in-person and virtual instruction when the time comes without requiring we keep a different schedule for virtual and in-person instruction.

AM Hybrid Schedule

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PM Hybrid Schedule

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Virtual Student Library Card for free through the Spokane County Library. on My Account- top right cornerLibrary card Number- will start with 9363 and then your Skyward user name. Your log in will look something like this 9363lastnfir000.Password- the month and day of your birthdate. 01/01Click Log in


WVSD had paired up with Sun City Church on E Sprague to distribute fresh produce, meats and other frozen foods to anyone in need.Sun City Church is located at 10920 E Sprague Ave, just East of Dishman Hills High School. This mobile market will take place every Tuesday from 11am-12pm. No appointment or paperwork required. Please check back on the Mobile Market website in case of cancellations or for other calendar updates.

Washington's K-12 Internet Access Program

The K–12 Internet Access Program connects students in need to internet access at home with no cost to the student or their family.

Through the program, students whose families are low-income and are not currently connected to the internet can get connected through the end of the 2020–21 school year for free.

To qualify you must meet both criteria below:

1. Not have had internet connectivity in the home prior to August 2020

2. Be able to show that you are low-income and/or eligible for free or reduced-price meals

Register and Learn More

Requesting Help or Resources

If you need help accessing Food Bank sites, housing assistance, transportation, homework help, clothing, or other resources, please let us know by filling out this form and the appropriate person will contact you.

Resource Request Link

Struggling with Something and Need Someone to Talk to When your Counselor isn't Available?

Crisis Text Line provides free 24/7 support via text message. Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a crisis counselor.

Or Call First Call for Help (877) 266-1818

About Our School

We believe in new ways of teaching and learning. We empower students through project-based experiences, mentoring, and self-direction. Our goal is for all students to be successful in their academic and social lives.