February, 2016 Things to Know!

Monthly Data

Just a reminder that with the end of the month, comes end of the monthly data analysis and action planning. This needs to be done with Tier One data, and also Tier Two data. The Tier Two data gets filled out on the Tier 2/3 Automated Tracking Tool.

Precision statements for both T1 and T2 are developed, shared with Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams, and action planned around. This is then conveyed to all staff.

Below is the link to access the tracking tool. You will find it listed under T2/3 Automated Tracking Tool.

Tier 2 Staff Boosters

Don't forget the staff!!

Just as we have Behavioral Kick offs and Boosters for students, we can't forget about the staff! As things progress with PBIS, please continue to provide boosters for staff, new and veteran, on Tier One, and especially Tier 2 systems (CICO, SAIG, CICO Ind., Mentoring, FBAs, Etc).

I am very willing to help you out with this. I know how hard it is to put together these kick offs and boosters. I have a lot of resources to pull from.

SWIS Update

A meeting has been scheduled on February 24 from 9:00-12:00 with Skyward to learn more about what Skyward can offer us in relationship to SWIS. I do know that the district is going with Skyward, but the question remains if we will keep SWIS in addition to Skyward. I am fighting to keep SWIS, and have been getting input from other districts that use Skyward or other data bases. At this point, feedback has been in support of SWIS. I plan on sharing this at the meeting.

School Bussing Issues

Many of our schools have concerns over behaviors on the school bus. I have been in touch with Seth Harvatine, who has told me that the district has a group together discussing this issue. The district has consulted with an outside resource (recommended by other districts) to evaluate our current school bussing situation and give suggestions on how to improve.

When the district has received feedback, he has agreed to have students who ride the school bus from our bussing schools fill out a Bus Safety Survey.

I am confident to say that behavior issues on the bus are under reported, and going directly to the students who ride the bus for feedback will give us a truer picture of how kids feel riding the bus.

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Elementary Internal Coaches Meeting

Friday, Feb. 19th, 2:15pm

Learnatorium - Room 3201 Central Office

Middle School Internal Coaches Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 7:45am

1226 North Avenue

Sheboygan, WI