Charles Darwin

By Jason Chou


My name is Charles Darwin. I was the first person to suggest that animals died out and evolved to survive.
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Early Years

I was born on February 12, 1809. I was born in Shrewsbury, England.
As a young child I was constantly catching and hunting for creatures. One day I pulled some old bark from a tree discovered two types of rare beetles. I grabbed both and put one in each hand. Then a third type of rare beetle appeared not wanting to lose the third I put it into my mouth! However the beetle squirted a foul- tasting fluid and I had to spit the beetle out.
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Young Man

As a young man I tried many jobs like doctor. But I was horrified by surgery. So I became a priest and studied the bible. I graduated from Cambridge University in 1831. My grandfather inspired me to become a scientist.

Life as a Man

My first job was as a naturalist on a boat called the HMS Beagle. I traveled to faraway places in South America I found giant fossils of extinct animals that resembled modern animals. I wanted to find out what was the connection. In the Galapagos I found that on each island the species had slight differences. I started to believe that evolution was possible. I believed that maybe humans had descended from monkeys. Many people believed that god had created people. The people did not support me but the scientists did slowly the argument swung in my favor. I had presented the theory of evolution. I had almost discovered an entirely new world. I had opened a new window to study.


I died in 1882 at age 73 after a mild heart attack.