October Stats

Mark Your Calendars

Lots of stuff going on in the next couple months.

Sunday Nov 16th - Spring Premier

Friday Nov 21 - APO/FPO Holiday Delivery Cutoff

Sunday Nov 30 Month End

Tuesday Dec 2 Cindy will be on the Today Show

Wednesday Dec 10 - Holiday Delivery Cutoff

October Numbers

Jessica Maloy $1839.00 ***Beat Your Director***

Shannon Gomes $1619.00 ***Beat Your Director***

Jennifer Goonan $1226.50 ***Beat Your Director***

Stephanie Henderson $1003.50

Alicia McCagg $708.50

Majella Schaffer $400.50

Holly Burgazoli $327.50

Debbie Berry $230.00

Jackie Weaver $219.50

Tonya Flynn $218.00

Heidi Cottini $212.50


Welcome to the team Karie Matteson, MA, (Jennifer's 2nd Recruit)

Congratulations to Jessica for reaching Start Swell 2

Congratulations to Shannon for reaching Start Swell 3

My Stats

My PV -$1026.50

Parties 3

Recruits 0

Team Sales $9101.00