Should Vaccinations Be Mandatory

Joseph Campagnuolo

Should Vaccinations Be Forced?

We should be able to opt out of vaccinations. I think adults should be able to make their own decisions about their own children. If the diseases come up and they have to live with it. Those are the hard decisions you have to make as a parent.

What Are The Risks Of Vaccination

Vaccinations can cause mental disorders. Such as some disorders like autism, and more neurological complications. It also might cause ADHD and Hepatitis B at a very young age. They also have the risk of developing the disease that you were vaccinated for. The risks are different for each child, so you don't have any idea if it is safe for your child. We should keep our first amendment present and let people choose what they want to do.

Vaccines Are Needed

Some you may be thinking that vaccines should be mandatory, and there are a couple reasons you may be thinking that. We don't have to immediately make it mandatory. we just have to lower the amount of people opting out of vaccinations. When we give vaccines the doctors recommend that we follow the regular schedule. If enough of the herd is immune than it would be harder for the disease to spread.

Final Thoughts

Vaccines are being debated all across America. Are they good or bad for your children, and that is a question for you to decide. We need to realize what is important, and we need to make a decision. From the recent outbreaks of measles and these other life-threatening diseases, we need to do what is best for America. That is not up to me....that is up to you.