Checks and Balances Eric Wheeler

The way our government is balanced

What Can Checks and Balances Do?

Checks and balances help us and government today right? Can the checks and balances system hinder the way we want our life to be? Most people know the checks and balances system by the powers given to the government: the executive branch, legislative branch, and the judicial branch. Powers that are given to the branches give each branch distinctive powers.

How Can Checks and Balances Help Us Today?

The people of the U.S. today are lucky that our government is balanced in powers. If one branch had too much power it would turn into an anarchy or something else besides a repulic democracy. What if checks and balances was shut down? There would probably just one branch of government not three branches. Certain branches have certain powers so they could be totally oppostite of each other. In Congress (legislative branch), they can override a veto by a president by voting. The way they decide is majority rules by two-thirds vote. The Senate must approve president's appointments for ambassadors, Supreme Court Justices, and other U.S. officials. The judicial branch must approve a treaty made with a foreign country. The judicial branch has the power to decide whether law are constitution or not. The president is the commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces.

See, this balances out the powers, each branch has different but yet equal powers. We need to take action if there becomes a problem. But, the government should take care of that; with their powers.

Checks and Balances Rap