Science Smore Open House

Welcome to Alisa's Open House Smore!!

About this Smore

This smore is all about 6th grade science and what we have learned about this year. I hope you enjoy!

Earthquake PBL

About this project

The Earthquake PBL project was to make a house for Tony Starks's house that will be safe from earthquakes. For this project my group and I did alot of research on earthquakes, aftershakes, and etc. We designed our house, and made the house with straws, popsicles sticks, clay, string, and tape.

Driving Question

How can we, as a structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic waves?

30 Hands Project

About this project

This was part of the atmosphere unit. It was tiring making this project, but it was definently worth it! In this unit, we were assigned to do a 30 hands project. We explained something about the atmosphere in each slide. For this project, we used Pic Collage and the 30 Hands App. First, we made the slides on Pic Collage and then we uploaded each slide to 30 Hands. After that, we recorded ourselves explaining each slide.

If you want watch the entire video, click the link below

Invention Convention

About this project

This was part of the fossil fuel unit. Our task was to invent or innovate a non-fossil fuel or non-renewable resource object. We all either got to chose a partner or work by ourselves. I chose to work on it with a partner. My partner is Sophia. Sophia and I decided to innovate a solar-powered plane. We thought of this because we both thought that we all use ALOT of fossil fuels. So we were like, why don't we build a solar powered plane since a plane used ALOT of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, we found out that our idea was already invented, so we decided to innovate it! We collected trash, such as empty plastic water bottles, cereal boxes, cardboard, balloon, etc. We bulit our plane out of plastic waterbottles, balloons, cereal boxes, yarn, and broken toys. It was fun planning and making this project. I felt like a real inventor!
Big image

Fixing the propeller, if you want to see the time-lapse video for it, click on the link below!

The propeller on the plane, decided to break, so we come up woth a plan B, ehich was to wrap the plastic water bottle again with a balloon to kake it sturdier and we poked a hoke in it.

Extra Credit

My faavorite unit was the fossil fuels unit because it showed me how much fossil fuels are used everyday, and I learned that even from little things, we can reduce fossil fuels such as walking instead of driving, turning off the light when not in use, and many, many more ways!