3rd Grade Newsletter

March 23rd-27th

Math Club Reminder

Our "Math Club" begins next Thursday, March 26th. The club will run from 3:05-4:00 in your child's classroom. Your child will need to bring an extra snack to enjoy after school.

What are we learning the week of March 23rd-27th?


Language Arts:

Context Clues Cont.

Spelling List: Suffixes (-y, -ish, -hood, -ment)

Media Literacy Cont.

Narrative writing


Volume, Capacity, and Weight

Social Studies/Science:

Natural Disasters Research Project

Let's Celebrate!

March Birthdays!


Joe Shamin- 8th

Jessica Xu- 21st


Sameeksha Mehrotra-8th

Carina Baek-14th

Ryan Baird- 21st

Kate Macdonald-23rd


Rylie Galanos-14th

Olivia Jung-25th

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