Body Image, Media, Body Building

Tanner Plaugher

My Definition of Body Image

Body image to me is how you see yourself. You could either be skinny, fat, or in between and still love your body. The world and media tell people how your suppose to look, personally I don't care what people say about me.
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How Bodies are Shaped and How to avoid Judging by Appearance

In my opinion body image is shaped in the way you feel about yourself. Another thing is how you view your body could be influenced by parents, friends, social media, and whoever you expose yourself to. How to avoid judging people by there appearance is to be accepting and not seeing whats on the outside, but is what is on the inside.
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10 Facts about Body Builders should know

  1. When you lift weights, lift as heavy as you can before hurting yourself.
  2. Make sure to eat a lot of protein in your diet.
  3. Make sure to get 10 hours of sleep on the same sleep schedule.
  4. Keep a positive mental attitude.
  5. Manage your stress, don't let it get to bad
  6. Make sure to do more than just lifting, like running and walking.
  7. Include fats in your diet to help to build and burn muscle.
  8. Don't over train yourself, and could possibly tear muscle
  9. Some trainers ask you to use supplements, such as protein.
  10. Last thing is know what your doing to build your body up.
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5 Steps to Improve Self Image

  • Don't try to look at the media to yourself.
  • See your true self and not whats on the outside.
  • Be confident in yourself, and not what others say about you.
  • Exercise if you wanna lose weight.
  • surround with positive people who will make you happy.
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What you see in the mirror is not what you truly are.
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