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Social networking websites are amazing, aren’t they?

Top 8 Features of the Famous Social Networking Websites

Social networking websites are amazing, aren’t they? If you want to find out what your ex-girlfriend is currently doing (and with who!), logon to your Facebook account and search for her; if you want to know where your employee has gone asking for those ‘sick leaves’ from work, search for him on Twitter to read his latest tweets. There are thousands of different things that you can do with the help of social networking websites.

Out of the various features of different social networking websites, following are the top 8 features –

1) To let you find your old friends – One of the best things that Facebook and other such social networking websites do is help you meet your old friends. Remember the beautiful girl you had a crush on when you were together in grade 6? You never had a chance to confess about your feelings, but now, you can find her on Facebook and talk to her about what you felt for her.

2) To let you make new friends – People come, people go, but you still have to be in the life’s flow! Therefore, when old friends decide to leave you alone, do not be sad. It is time to welcome some new people in your life. If you read about social networking websites on sites like prototype adv, you would see that a lot of articles have been written on how to find new friends on such websites.

3) To let you market your products and services – Whether you are into a large scale business or a small scale one, if you have products and services, you have a platform on social networking websites. The entire world visits different social websites and your products and services can reach them in no time.

4) To let you share information – There are a lot of people that exchange images, photographs, videos, audio files, documents, etc. with the help of social networking websites. Prototype adv website also tells us how people use Facebook and Twitter to keep others updated about their lives.

5) To help you be famous – If you want to be popular, there can be no other place better than the social networking website to share and spread your talent.

6) To get you a job – Ever heard of different job portals like LinkedIn? Such websites allow you to get in touch with the recruiters and in-house HR department people of different companies as well.

7) To help you in finding true love – The best feature of a social networking website is that it helps you find a good partner for yourself. You surely won’t die alone if you have a lot of likes and followers on Facebook!

8) To let people overcome depression – If you are constantly using a social networking website, you know that you have someone to talk to because you either talk to your old friends or end up meeting a few new people online to talk to and share your time with.