Ms. Ward's First Grade

Newsletter Week 23

WOW! What a week!! We had so many things going on this week, it feels like a whirl wind!! We made it to our 100th day of school on Monday, and have become even SMARTER since then!! Check out the pictures of the amazing projects and fun activities we did to celebrate 100 DAYS OF FIRST GRADE!!!

The STAR: Ethan!

Ethan was our star student this week! He shared many adorable photos, a very Ethan-esque video, and chocolaty treats with us throughout the week. His birthday is on Saturday, February 8, and he will be turning SEVEN years old. He was so sweet and brought a deliciously yummy treat for us today. We are so lucky that Ethan was born 7 years ago (tomorrow), so be sure to wish him a HUGE happy birthday if you see him around!


We are still chugging away on our fairy tales! This week, we developed the problem that our characters would face, as well as the action steps they will take to solve the problem. Each and every one of the stories is creative, detailed, and definitely unique to the student. Next week, we will begin actually writing our stories and perfecting them into publishable works! I cannot wait to guide the process and let those imaginations run wild : )

For shared reading, we read another Cinderella story, this time hailing from Korea. While it was a very different Cinderella story than the ones we read before, we really enjoyed figuring out the similarities between our new story and the more traditional versions. The students are very observant when it comes to listening comprehension! It is wonderful to see their interest in books continue to grow as the year progresses.


Math is getting tougher and tougher as the year goes on. We are beginning to solve number stories that involve adding and subtracting double digit numbers! A strong foundation is really important as we more into more difficult math concepts. For this reason, I have signed each student up for XtraMath!!

XtraMath is a website that allows students to practice math facts (with a virtual teacher) at their own level, moving along at their own pace. As they get better at math, XtraMath will become more challenging. This will be done at school and at home. XtraMath may be assigned for homework occasionally, but is encouraged whenever your child wants to do it.

Please take note of the flyer that I have sent home in the folders today, as it contains steps on how to set up your home computer for easy access to XtraMath. If you have any questions about this new program, feel free to email me! I am so excited to create little mathematicians!
Next week, we will be working on memorizing our doubles facts. Hopefully this song will help your students to learn in a fun and easy-to-memorize way! There is also another song that allows the students to practice doubles 6-12. Simply follow the links on YoutTube!


We have green thumbs!! What great little gardeners we are in 1.3! We made sure to give our grass plenty of sunlight, space, soil, air, and water. Low and behold-- it grew!! After truly understanding the life cycle of a plant, we read a book called Tops and Bottoms, a hilariously educational story about a lazy bear and a tricky hare. After reading the story, we figured out how to sort our vegetables based on whether they are tops or bottoms of the plants. We were very surprised to learn that carrots are roots and corn is a seed!! This week finished out our unit on plants, and next week we will begin learning land forms and bodies of water, as well as map reading skills and cardinal directions. WOW!

next week!

Next week, we will have a popcorn word test of all the words from the beginning of the year. That's exactly 200 words! In order to help your child prepare for this quiz, please read through the words and make sure your child can read them all. If they struggle with any words, practice them with flashcards or post them around the house so your child can read throughout the day!


Next Friday is Valentine's Day! Look for a letter from me early next week about our Valentine's Day celebration of love, kindness and friendship! It will also double as ENRIQUE'S BIRTHDAY!!

Thanks so much for being an amazing group!! Have a fantastic weekend!


Ms. Ward : )