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How to Apply for Internet fibre broadband

Internet has become one of the most important items in our live. Every living in this century is using internet either in phone or computer. Only the much older generation that is not using internet or the very young generation who doesn’t know what is internet all about. As of 2015 second quarter, Malaysia has achieved Unifi Broadband.

There are different ways you can connect online, one is using mobile internet, using copper wire for signal emission and finally the fibre solution to transfer the data. Among the three above, the data transfer is much faster and more stable for fibre solution. There are three fibre solutions: Fiber to the building (FTTB), Office (FTTO), and home (FTTH) services,

To apply for fibre broadband, you must first know which companies provide fibre broadband solutions.

In Malaysia, we have three companies that are the main unifi supplier:

• TM Unifi - Telekom Malaysia Bhd.

• Maxis High Speed Home Broadband

• TIME Fibre Broadband

After you have confirm the companies that are providing the fibre broadband services, you have to next check the availability of the fibre broadband solution for your area. You can check unifi coverage, or Maxis fibre coverage and TIME fibre converage. Maxis coverage is basically the same as Unifi coverage. Maxis coverage is also owned by TM coverage. TIME coverage currently is mostly limited in the Klang valley zone or high residential area such as condominium or offices/ shopping malls.

Once confirm that your area does have the Unifi Coverage, you next decide which package you want. Most of the time, the main different of fibre packages are the low download/ upload speed, medium download/ upload speed and the high download/ upload speed. Select the package based on your need, and now you can apply with the relevant telco.

Check out the telco companies offer also, as there will be new promotion from time to time, and some period, you will get great deals for the 1 year or 2 years of sign up.

Ready to apply for Fibre broadband, you can check out our website, we offer unifi fibre broadband solutions. Either Unifi fibre broadband for office or residential, you can contact us as we are the company that provides the most popular fibre service, Unifi fibre broadband. Check the Unifi fibre broadband coverage online now.