Leukemia cancer in children

By: Stacey Miller

What is Leukemia cancer?

Leukemia is early blood-forming cells. Most Leukemia is cancer of white blood cells, leukemia is either fast growing (acute) or slow going (chronic).

Children can get Leukemia between 2-8 years old.

Leukemia cancer in children

The cause isn't exactly known. The Scientists think the cause of Leukemia is certain changes in DNA inside normal bone marrow cells.

There are all kinds of different treatments- chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, targeted drugs, surgery, and radiation therapy.

Prevention and delays for Leukemia would be chemo or surgery.


Leukemia is hard for any family that has it. There are all kinds of things that I learned when reasearching this topic. I learned that 2 year olds got it. i also learned that just because someone in your family has Leukemia doesn't mean that you will get it. People who get Leukemia got it from DNA changing in your bone marrow. That is what I learned while researching Leukemia in children.
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