Survival Guide

Welcome to my survival guide, Harrison Saunders

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Flordia Everglades

We had crashed in north america and I was the only one who had survived the horrible plane crash. I had to look for shelter and food.


The climate was tropical so I knew first I had to get grass that was dry so it won't be damp and fall down when I tried to make the shelter. The shelter I made is below. It was a little hot so I didn't need blankets.
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Food and Animals

I had to get food in order to survive so I got a stick and made a fishing pole, but I had to watch out for alligators, snakes, and bobcats. I got a grasshopper to use as bait and caught my dinner. Then I got three different berry's from plants from around my shelter. The animals that I listed are harmful because they can bit me and kill me.