Grade 1 BMS

Biweekly Newsletter

Unit of Inquiry Content - How the World Works

- plant experiment

- making observations

- exploring and sequencing different life cycles

- researching student life cycle questions

- hibernation

- migration

Language Content

- phase 5 sounds and high frequency words

- long and short vowel sounds

- 'ed' ending

- nouns, adjectives, verbs

- reading non-fiction texts

- grammar

- descriptive writing

- letter formation

Math Content

- decomposing/composing numbers to 10

- addition and subtraction strategies working with numbers to 20 - e.g. doubles, near doubles, thinking about addition for subtraction, thinking about tens and ones: 3 + 4 = 7, so 13 + 4 = 17, counting up for subtration: 18 - 16 = 2 (counting up from 16 to 18)

- place value

- story problems

- counting money

- symmetry

Ways To Help At Home

- revise alphabet sounds and names

- practice reading and spelling high frequency words

- practice letter formation

- practice addition and subtraction strategies, calculating to 20

- practice counting small quantities of money below 1€

German Content

- planting unit end assessment: please take a look at their "Wissensketten" (connection chains) in/in front of the classroom!

- focus on practicing reading and spelling of "Kopfwörter". An assessment copy and overview will be sent home within the next two weeks. Please support your child with practicing the highlighted words!

- story writing inspired by picture books

- focus for the upcoming weeks: books and stories

Ways to help at home:

- Practice Kopfwörter 1-4 and highlighted words on assessment overview

- Support your child with choosing a story or book to share with the class

Wanted - newspapers!!!

The grade one classes are after newspapers. We would be grateful for any copies that you might have, waiting to be recycled. Please hand them to your child's homeroom teacher by next Friday, June 3rd.

Thank you!