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May 9, 2019

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From Tim: May's month of activity – here and afar

In the midst of yet more school violence this week, I couldn’t help but be reminded, wistfully, of a southern Africa concept, “Ubuntu,” which translates roughly to “I am, because of us.” We continue to get jarring notices that the fabric of our society, and the human bonds that hold us together, are fraying and fragile. I hope that in moments like these that we all remember that the care we have for one another, and therefore ourselves, matters more than anything else in the end. It’s yet another reason why I value and love our school community so much.

On behalf our entire staff, I’d like to thank you for the incredible luncheon last Friday. We feel well appreciated! As always, the food was outstanding and bountiful. Your kindness is a blessing, especially at the start of the mania of May. A meal together as a staff is good for the soul.

Each year, we pair the lunch with a recognition ceremony for our 10- and 20-year teachers. The longevity of these educators truly symbolizes the care and dedication that all our teachers and staff put into their lives at school. This year, we were happy to honor our “10-year leaf” recipients Stephanie Bender, Stacey Levy, and Katie Boston. You can see their leaves along with all other past recipients on the beautiful tree sculpture in the community space created by middle school teacher Nat Oliver.

We recognize our twenty-year teachers with a beautifully designed wooden Stanley chair. This year’s cohort included our indomitable school registrar, Barb Lesnoski, the incomparably imaginative and creative Jane Hile, and the faculty member that many kids call simply “the kindness teacher,” Allison Neckers. It’s an honor to work alongside these kinds of people who have spent a good part of their lives serving Stanley children and families.

We are well into a May full of activity, here and afar. It’s the time of year when we send Stanley students to various parts of the state, country and even world to make the outdoors our classroom.

Our middle school Constitutional Law team, comprised of 7th and 8th graders, got back from the national competition in Washington, D.C., this week. The trip is a culmination of a year’s worth of study of the meaning and application of the Constitution, led by middle school teachers Susan Cleveland and Mike Waysylenky. Our scholars placed fourth out of the twelve teams participating – congratulations!

Tomorrow, our 8th graders travel to England. Now in its twenty-first year, this Stanley tradition is the culmination of curriculum, of 8th-grade community, and of the relationships that have meant so much to our students over many years. It’s not uncommon parents remark that their children seem changed after this trip – through some combination of growing independence and heightened interest in exploring all the world has to offer. Among the many expected outcomes of the England trip, perhaps the most important is its impact on students’ confidence as they prepare for the next phase of their education and lives.

All the best,

Top Five Things

1. Auction tops $200K!

We can't thank our auction sponsors and the Stanley community enough! Pat yourselves on the back for helping The Stanley Shindig clear $205,000 for Stanley's students, teachers and programs, and see the sponsors that helped us throw one of the most successful auctions ever!

2. New: (re)Enroll with King Soopers to shop for Stanley

King Soopers has a new way for shoppers to give 5 percent of their grocery dollars directly to their favorite charities. You'll hear details from our Parent Association over the coming weeks. Until then, here's how to enroll online. Thank you for shopping for Stanley's PA and teacher grants!

3. Keep accessible parking accessible!

With so many events in May, bringing our community together means reserving our accessible parking spots for families and visitors that truly need them. These spaces are not loading zones – they are for certified handicapped parkers. Please keep them clear!

4. Lost & found ends next Wednesday

Collect your found items from the rolling display rack in the Hamibidge Commons Lobby by Wednesday, May 15. All leftover items will be donated to charity.

5. All you need is a little bit of pixie dust... the talent of several fifth graders and a crew of students, parents and dedicated teachers, and you can be transported to Neverland. Next Tuesday and Thursday, casts A and B perform (respectively) in daytime and evening performances of this year's 5th-grade play "Peter Pan."