Fitness Trainer

By Armando Rojas

What is a Fitness Trainer?

A fitness trainer leads a group of people or a single person in exercise activities and they also watch them do the exercises to make sure there doing them correctly as well as so they won't get hurt.


All fitness trainers must at least have a high school diploma. Most fitness trainers though have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fields such as health and fitness like physical education and kinesiology.


Fitness trainers had an median annual wage of $34,980 in May 2014. The lowest amount of money a fitness trainer earns can be less than $18,110 and the highest amount of money they make can be higher then $67,560.


  • They people how to perform a certain exercise.
  • Watch the people preform the exercise.
  • Correct them if there doing the exercise and help them improve so they won't get injured.

About Me

Some of things I like doing is playing sports and being outdoors. So I chose this career because it involves being active and I also wanted to learn more about it.