Emma Waters

A Colonial Paper Maker

My Life as a Colonial Person

The first time I saw my mom make paper I knew it was for me. Hi, my name is Emma Waters. I am a paper maker. I am twenty two years old. I live in the colony of Delaware with my husband Ethan, my sister Sophia and her family in a wooden house. I have one niece and a nephew. Their names are Chiara Sanders and Aryan Sanders. Before I go to work I take care of Chiara and home school her. After that, I eat a quick breakfast and go to work. My day at work is very busy. I come home and help Sophia cook.

As a paper maker, My day is very busy. People come from all around the world for paper. People, specifically colonists need paper for writing, keeping records, newspapers, books, and writing letters. I learned my job as a paper maker by working as an apprentice in my mother’s shop when I was younger