Digital Footprints

What is a digital footprint?

All of the information about a person that can be found online.

Quote from Howard Rheingold

"...whether or not we do anything about it, the webbed world is full of information about us that is provided by other people, including their opinions about us- the fact of life we know as reputation."

Colleges, universities, and jobs consider what we have a as digital footprint as a new first impression of us.

Even babies have digital footprints before they are even born.

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Kids are posting online everyday.

What is instant messaging?

Instant messaging is when a person sends a text or a message via the internet.

What is the total number of kids using instant messaging?

There are 15,000,000 kids using instant messaging.
56% of responants have reported theft or misuse of their child's SSN. That is over half and can cause the child to have a bad digital footprint because of someone else's actions.
Digital Footprints - Your New First Impression
Your digital footprint
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