Sumatran tiger

Mina E.

Simple Facts

  • Tigers are one of the only two cats that likes to be in the water.
  • Males and female mark there territories by spraying their sent on trees and bushes.
  • They each have their own stripes pattern that you can tell individual tigers by unique stripes.
  • The Sumatran tigers lifespan is about 15-20 in the wild.

Why are Sumatran tigers endanger?

Most of the remaining Sumatran tigers now live in National Parks and Game Reserves, though around 100 live in an unprotected area that will most likely be lost to agriculture in the near future. This destruction of habitat is considered the greatest threat to the survival of the Sumatran tiger, followed by poaching. The tigers are especially vulnerable to poaching in the "unprotected" areas. It's illegal to hunt Sumatran tigers, but this has not stopped poaching these animals.

Ways to HELP!!!

  • By giving them food that have palm oil.
  • You can save them and saving their habitat
  • Supporting the WWF monthly gifts to help