Technology Purchasing Desicions

By: Madi and Lindsey

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer needs certain technology to be able to create customized local high school and college sports gear. For this we researched technology on Amazon and Apple Website. A graphic Designer would need a Mac Book Laptop, Graphic Design Tablet, External Hard Drive, Headphones, and Digital Camera.The total cost of these items are $633.90.

Mac Book Laptop -

We chose the Mac Book Laptop because we feel the graphic designer would like the opportunity to move around in the office and get in a comfortable position with the mobile laptop. The graphic designer will be able to keep his/her work organized and immaculate.

Graphic Design Tablet -

We chose the Graphic Design Tablet because we feel the graphic designer will want the option to take his/her work home to finish. This will also allow them to have an alternative option to sitting straight all day and drawing on the computer screen. It is also a fun and comfortable way of creating new ideas.

External Hard Drive -

We chose the External Hard Drive because it is great way to keep your work safe and secure in one place. This is good for everyday use in the office or at home.

Headphones -

We chose Headphones because it is a beneficial way for the graphic designer to zone out and stay focused on his/her art work.

Digital Camera -

We chose a Digital Camera because it gives the graphic designer an opportunity to take snapshots of their work.


The cashier is responsible for assisting customers with purchases in the store. The cashier needs certain technology to make this possible. To find this technology we searched the websites of Amazon and Best Buy. The cashier would need Interactive pen display, Touch Screen Whiteboard, APG Stratis, Bar Code Scanner, and an IMac PC. The total price of these items are $4,795.16.

Interactive Pen Display -

We chose the Interactive Pen Display because it will allow the cashier to show the customers how different combinations of styles will look.

Touch Screen Whiteboard -

We chose the Touch Screen Whiteboard because it makes it easy to share and collaborate ideas.

APG Stratis -

We chose the APG Stratis because it has a tablet holder and it is also a cash drawer.

Bar Code Scanner -

We chose the Bar Code Scanner so the cashier can scan an item without having to type the bar code number in.

IMac Pc -

We chose the IMac Pc for the main computer. This will allow the cashier to calculate and organize a customers purchases and bills.

Sales Representative

The Sales Representative is responsible for traveling to various locations and encouraging people to buy their products. In order to sell their products they need to have technology that can connect with WiFi and various networks. We found the technology for the Sales Representative on Amazon and Apple. The Sales Representative needs an Asus 2 in 1 laptop, Red Edge Car GPS, Freecom ToughDrive, HP Officejet Printer, and Apple Watch (38 MM). The total price of these items are $1,577.25.

Asus 2 in 1 laptop-

We chose the Asus laptop because the Sales Representative needs to be able to keep and share his files as needed.

Red Edge Car GPS-

We chose this GPS because the Sales Representative needs to know their ETA and where their destination.

Freecom ToughDrive-

We chose the ToughDrive because it allows the Sales Representative to save and back up files needed.

OfficeJet Printer-

We chose the printer because it is portable and allows the Sales Representative to print files that are needed anytime.

Apple Watch-

We chose the Apple Watch because it will allow the Sales Representative to view messages, calls or notifications at anytime without being disrespectful to their clients.