Follow up Visit!

to your classroom at your convenience

My Role: Visit/Learn/Discuss/Support

In mid December I met with your SS team to discuss text-based (T-B) writing in your classrooms. Thanks for you kind attention.

I really enjoyed hearing about your unique curriculum and the unique students! I would like to come visit your class in action as a follow up. I'll be in your building Thursday, February 18th if that works for you.

Please email me a good time to drop by your class for a 10-15 minute visit. I'll bring more material for you think about as you craft a lesson that will use the LDC Task Template stems I shared in your PLC. The stems were to be used on some piece of text that you already use with your students. They are intended as a model for helping to crafting a solid text-based assignment.

Also, I have a blog, CapeHenlopenLiteracy and would like to take pictures of you and your students if that is not too disruptive. Your call of course. I'll be returning for a PLC on March 18 when you can share how your T-B writing experiences went. Be sure to save the student work please to discuss at the SS PLC meeting.

Any questions? Just email me at or call me at 645-1437.

THANKS for all that you do for Students!

Literacy Specialist Visit to Social Studies Classes

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 9am-2:45pm

1250 Kings Highway

Lewes, DE

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