NFHS Counseling Newsletter

MAY 2021

Raider Nation,

As we start bringing this school year to a close, we just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you to our students, families, and this community for making the absolute most of this year. Your counselors are here for you always. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything or have any questions about information in this newsletter!

2021 Summer School Opportunities

There are a variety of opportunities for students to earn credits this summer, including some especially great summer school options being offered by Forsyth County AT NO COST! Please use the button below to explore options and details! *If you are interested in taking advantage of a summer school opportunity, please contact your student's counselor for more information on registration*

Forsyth High School Summer School:

Location: Forsyth Central High School


Week One: June 2-4 (Wednesday-Friday)

Week Two-Four: June 7-24 (Monday-Thursday)

Morning Sessions: 8-11:30 a.m.– GSE Algebra I, GSE Geometry, GSE Algebra II, AMDM, and Pre-calculus will be offered for recovery credit only. Rising ninth graders who are entering high school with weak preparation for Algebra I will participate in an Algebra Readiness course (noncredit). Students will register through their school counselor and no course fee will be assessed due to Cares Act funding. Transportation will be provided at no cost to students. Any EOC associated with these courses will be administered June 21-24.

Afternoon Sessions: 12-3:30 p.m.-9th Lit/Comp, 10th Lit Comp, American Lit/Comp, World History, US History, Government, Econ, Physical Science, Biology, Earth Systems, and Environmental Science will be offered for credit recovery. Students will register through their school counselor and no course fee will be assessed due to Cares Act funding. Transportation will be provided at no cost to students. Any EOC associated with these courses will be administered June 21-24.

Middle School students needing to recover credit from 2020-21 in Physical Science may participate in the high school summer school program.

Forsyth Virtual High School Summer Offerings:

Location: Forsyth Virtual Academy - Summer Registration

Date: June 2, 2021 – July 14, 2021

Forsyth Virtual Academy will offer students the option to earn credit for High School Personal Fitness, Health, Spanish 3, Intro to Digital Technology, US Government, Economics, Visual Arts I and a non-credit STEAM Camp for middle and high school students.

Rising high school and high school students can sign up through ClassLink – Forsyth Virtual Academy Summer School under the Academies of Creative Education. The cost for .5 credit courses (Personal Fitness, Health, US Government, Economics) is $247.50 per course and 1.0 Credit courses (Spanish 3, Intro to Digital Technology, Visual Arts I) start at $495. FVA will also be offering a non-credit camp (STEAM Camp) to all middle and high school students for $199. All questions and concerns should be forwarded to


Final Stretch Presentation and Reminders

Please continue to check your Senior Class Newspage for important Class of 2021 updates, as well as the Class of 2021 page for end of the year reminders from the counseling office. This past month, counselors visited senior English classes to present a few reminders to our seniors. This included information on requesting final transcripts and filling out required graduation surveys. Please use the buttons below to access this information:

Final Transcript Requests

Most post-secondary options request an official copy of students' final transcripts. Students can go ahead and submit their requests for these final transcripts through Parchment. When submitting the request, students will change the request from "SEND NOW" to "HOLD FOR GRADES". Please use the below buttons to access final transcript request directions and the Parchment website:

Qualify for HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship/Grant?

Make sure you have completed the required steps to earn these scholarships!

For Zell Miller Scholarship, upload your SAT or ACT score in GA Futures in order to qualify. Here are the directions:

  • Print your test score report
  • Sign, Date, and write the following statement "This is a true and exact copy of the original score report"
  • Sign in to your GA Futures Account and select "Document Upload"
  • Select the ACT Scores or SAT Scores as document type based on the report you are uploading
  • Attach your document file and click submit.

Still figuring out post-graduation plans?

Check out the below options that are available to you!



Youth Leadership Forsyth is a leadership development and community awareness program for high school juniors seeking to further develop and enhance their individual potential. It is a great opportunity for students from every school across our county to come together, collaborate and challenge each other to rise above expectations. If would like to engage, lead, and enhance your personal potential, then Youth Leadership Forsyth is a program for you! Click here for more information and to apply! The application deadline is May 28th so don't delay!

Let's Celebrate!!

Special Recognition: Angela Agbi-Owusu named as HOBY representative!

Angela Agbi-Owusu has been chosen as North Forsyth’s Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) representative for the 2020-21 school year! Hugh O’Brian was a successful actor who had the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Albert Schweitzer, a Nobel Peace Prize winner. His visit with Dr. Schweitzer instilled in him a desire to help youth develop into global community leaders. As a result, HOBY was founded with the mission of inspiring youth to a life of leadership, service, and innovation. For more than five decades, HOBY has inspired young people to make a difference and become catalysts for positive change in their home, school, workplace, and community.

State leadership seminars are held each year where students can discover their potential and how to use it to make positive changes in their schools and communities. Each year, our teachers are asked to nominate outstanding 10th grade students for the opportunity to attend a HOBY leadership seminar. Nominations are compiled and then one student is chosen to represent North Forsyth. Angela was chosen and is very deserving of this opportunity! She will be attending the Georgia Northwest Seminar which will take place June 5-6, 2021. We look forward to hearing about all the things she will learn and how she will continue to be a positive influence on our school community!

& finally...

YOUR COUNSELORS ARE PROUD OF YOU! This year has been another new experience for us all and we are proud of the resiliency our students have showed. You have proven to yourself how much you can overcome and those kinds of skills can help take you so far in life. To our graduating seniors, remember you always have a home at North and people who love to support you here. To the rest of Raider Nation, we will miss you this summer and will see you next year!!