The first Nazi concentration camp during the Holocaust

The Entrance

This picture shows the entrance to the concentration camp where over 200,000 men, women, and children entered. Of that, 41,500 were killed here. The few survivors were finally rescued on April 29, 1945 when American troops raided this camp.

The Crematoria

This is a crematory and if where the Nazis would cremate or burn the victims of this concentration camp. Many of the victims were murdered from gas or their weapons and some just became ill and/ or overworked. When they were found dead the Nazis would burn their body and this is where that was done.

Dachau's Significance in WWII

This was the first concentration camp that the Nazi's created to it was the foundation for all of the other concentration camps created by the Nazis. It started out as a concentration camp that help political prisoners but then the Nazis transformed it into a death camp for thousands of people that Hitler thought were not the perfect person for "his" world. These people included mentally disabled, homosexuals, and mainly Jews. Thousands of people died in this camp from mass executions, but people also died from malnutrition and being overworked. At Dachau, many of the prisoners were also used for labor or experiments. Finally on April 29th, 1945, American troops came and liberated the camp, saving the few survivors that were left.


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