JC Automotive

Clay Johnson and Joe Gleeson

Our Business Activities

1. Generating ideas- We run a company that is based upon fixing and repairing auto vehicles. We started from doing repair from the the house to fixing neighbors cars to starting going state wide to form a business.

2. Raising Capital- Our money was coming from our own pockets at first then we took loans from the bank. Then after good sales and determination we picked up 3 investors.

3. Employee and Training- In the beginning, we had our families help with employee training. Employees now that we have more capital, have to go through training for three months before they can work independently at the shop.

4. Buying Goods and Services- We get supplies from the most trusted auto parts producer "AutoMall". We only buy quality items, at the best price for our customer. Our manufacturers are always domestic.

5. Marketing Goods and Services- We post advertising on newspapers and online newspapers. We tell people by word of mouth and created social media accounts. We have the occasional commercial telling people where and what our business is.

6. Maintaining Business Records- We keep everything thing in order online. We organize it into separate folders and have the exact information about the customer. We have what he/she bought, what he/she paid, and the date.

Business Entity

We are business founded upon a partnership. The advantages of our partnership is that we have two heads and that it's better than one so we can have the ability to use that. Another advantage is that we have two ways to make money and we split profit evenly. Disadvantages are that if our business goes down we both go down with it and that if profits go down, both of us would receive less payment

5 Short Term Goals

1. Raise profit by 5%.

2. Have at least 25 customers or more by the third month.

3. Have Customer Satisfaction over 75%.

4. Give frequent customers discounts.

5. Research how much money the average consumer would spend on work on his car and compare it to our current prices.

Mission Statement

JC Automotive provides a unique car repair experience to the customers in Springfield and surrounding areas. One that focuses on customer satisfaction first. We understand that vehicle repair is a not always necessary, and usually an unpleasant experience. Our goal is to provide the customer with an enjoyable, honest service by satisfying individual customers and practical transportation needs with a quality repair.
JC Automotive Commercial