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Week of November 17


Thank you for your time and meaningful discussions during our faculty meeting this morning. As you plan for the weeks ahead, keep in mind the 3 big takeaways from our latest Instructional Rounds:

  • 1) I will/We will statements (Learning Targets) are to be student, friendly and written to assist the student in reaching their optimum learning goal.
  • 2) Continue to script and plan for student dialogue using critical thinking questions. Ask yourself a reflective question as you plan and implement lessons: Am I getting the results I have planned for using critical thinking questions?
  • 3) How do students monitor themselves towards the learning target in your classroom? We have many solid tools being used in classroom across the campus. Make this a discussion in your next PLC.

As we head into the last week before our official Holiday season, I challenge you to reflect on the following each day.....Is it a choice to be great at Tidwell MS?

Enjoy your weekend,


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Week of November 17-21 -- Generation Texas Week!

Monday, November 17

6th Grade Math Carnegie Training (am - library)

Thanksgiving Lunch (Babe's! - lounge)

Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30-7:00 (pizza @ 5:00 in the lounge)

Tuesday, November 18

Boys bball vs CTMS (7th home/8th away)

Wednesday, November 19

Gatlin @ Lead4Ward

Cafeteria Thanksgiving Meal


Thursday, November 20

Parkman/Gatlin @ NISL

Girls Bball vs CTMS (7th home/8th away)

Friday, November 21

Parkman/Gatlin @ NISL

Hospitality Thanksgiving Feast

Important Information

  • Coming soon.....Wednesday is Drillapalooza! See email from Parkman for details.
  • Our second Parent Conference evening is this week. We'll provide a light dinner (pizza) in the lounge at 5:00 pm.
  • For those new to Tidwell, during the Texas winter you are allowed to wear jeans on days that the forecast predicts "snow, sleet or freezing precipitation" for our area. When in doubt, ask and I'll be glad to clarify. Enjoy!
  • Thank you to our teacher leaders who assisted in our staff meeting today! We have a building FULL of talent and it's time to share it!!
  • It's Generation Texas Week! Please see the email from our Counselors for additional information!