The Weekly Knot

Issue 40: Thoughts to Ponder

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ESOL Tip of the Week

Student Talk

During our Faculty Meeting last week we discussed the importance of student talk. In order for our students to improve their language skills, we must encourage extended discourse, as well as teach them to use specific and technical content vocabulary when speaking. During our meeting, the WIDA Speaking Rubric that is used to score the speaking portion of ACCESS was referenced. This rubric can help us to analyze student talk and begin our work to move our students towards higher level speaking skills. As you read over the rubric, consider how you may be able to use it in your classroom.

Click here to access the rubric!

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Weekly Happenings

Monday June 8, 2015
Work on appropriate parts of your closeout packet this week.

Reflections theme for museum night begins: What exhibit will your students build?

Tuesday June 9, 2015

AI Book Club meeting, 2:15 p.m.

Wednesday June 10, 2015

Thursday June 11, 2015

Morning Performing Arts Programs

Evening Performing Arts Program

Friday June 12, 2015

Field Day

Tuesday June 16, 2015

Museum Night, 5-6:30 p.m.

George Lucas on Teaching Visual Literacy and Communications