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Price Anchoring

I used price anchoring in my Sale above. I made it seem as if i was cutting the price in half. This will pull in customers thinking they got a great deal when in reality I'm increasing sales. When I put the first two people will think "its cheaper then the bundle so ill get it"

Flexible Price Policy

I charged a good amount of money for the boards but allowed the customer to choose their own price on some occasions. It would help develop a relationship with the customer causing them to see how good we are when it comes to service and experience. After they see how well we perform as a business it'll cause them to want to come back and purchase more products from our company.

Skimming Price Policy

I provided products that weren't the cheapest and made it seem as if they were the best on the market. I used this to target the customers who are willing to pay anything based on a brand or company loyalty. Later on I may lower the price in order to get those not so willing to spend money. Fr example, this board just hit the market and would look epic in the streets. It is noticeable with a hint of punk, it'll be an alternative to other boards and have people looking at you. $199.95 for a brand new product is an absolute steal.

What Board is Complete Without Wheels?

Introductory Price Dealing

I sold most of these products for the same price in order to get customers to try new things. When there are many brands out there for the same price it will often times cause people to buy more than one and develop brand loyalty. After a while these prices will go back to their set prices and people with brand loyalty will continue to purchase these products.

Last Call Deals!

Quantity Discounts

I chose to use quantity discount to make the customers feel as if it's a last minute purchase for a scarce product.

With membership you will receive $10 dollars off these orders!

Cash Discounts

I chose cash discounts because it offers customers to get a deal depending on the company. In this case i gave them $10 off if they are loyal and have a membership with us.

Seasonal Winter Offer!

Buy these wheels now to skate when the time comes! These wheels will give you a smooth ride and be sure to be noticed during the day. Get them now for $29.95!

Whats a Board without Trucks?

Bait Pricing

I advertised these trucks as a low priced strong product. When in reality none of these trucks are under $50. I made them seem as if they were low priced in order to attract the customers.

Odd Even Pricing

I used odd-even pricing on this one to get the buyer to feel like the price was lower in change than it actually was. Creating the illusion its cheaper.


This product is as the name says, Royalty. These are some of the best trucks out there. The black tint is sleek and ominous. This gives you a mystery appearance and a great board. For $100 these can be yours

Quantity Discounts

If a person is to buy these products they would get it in bulk, therefore I can charge a large amount for it. They will get free shipping because I'm charging so much. Once we sell it becomes their responsibility and we can get the product out with a large profit.