For Sale~New Intel Core i7 CPU

Asking price: $450

This device is available for purchase right now!♡

This Intel Core i7 CPU is brand new. It has never even been taken out of the case. For those of you out there who don't know what a CPU's job is, a CPU is responsible for executing a sequence of stored instructions called a program. The control center converts data input to information output. Let's just say, without a CPU, your computer wouldn't work. This CPU looks similar to a sim card in your phone, maybe slightly larger❣️
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For sale now for $450 only❣️♡

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Why should I buy this? I know that you all are wondering this. What makes this so special? Well, this model is much faster than other ones, like for example, the Intel Core i5. Also, it's price is MUCH cheaper than others on the market. There are even some CPUs that are $20,000❣️

This product is guaranteed to meet your high quality standards❣️