James Dock Hancock

My great great great great great grandfather

summary of james hancocks life birth to death

James Hancock was born in 1873 on his fathers farm farm. At age 5 he had 5 sibling. At age 10 he had to work with his father growing and picking tomatoes and cotton. When he was 30 his dad died and left him the farm. At 43 years old he was drafted for world war 1. After the war he lived through all 10 years of the great depression. He died 1965 at 83 years old.

In 1901 he married Martha J. Mitchel. they had a son named Larry S. Hancock

James Dock in the war

James Hancock was drafted for WWI from 1915-1916 he survived the one year term. James didn't really do any thing famous in that time but he still served and survived in the war. during his service these things did happen two battles and the first passenger boat sunk by U boat.