BCCA MESSENGER January 3, 2020

Harmoniously blending the work of redemption and education

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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

A new year is here! Every year, our first action should be to give thanks to the Lord for another year of life and pray for the upcoming one. It’s a time to re-commit to keeping priorities straight. At BCCA, our priorities are to uphold a Christian learning environment, serve others, and learn valuable academic and life skills. We may not know what the future holds, but we can hand over our plans to God and His guidance. For students, it's not really a new year though. January only marks the beginning of the second half of the year. Students have had plenty of time to get into the flow of the school year and now students can spend the second half of the school year excelling. Just like in life and a new year, the second semester can bring new challenges, but challenges are chances to grow.

The second semester brings a number of new activities. At BCCA, we have Education Fair, service at the Downtown Rescue Mission, and school work too. The beginning of the second semester is probably the hardest time of the school year. Through the second semester, and through a new year, one needs to pray to God continually. Often times, only God can lead us through the hard times ahead.

I want to highlight our annual trip to the Downtown Rescue Mission. Even if the beginning of the second semester feels difficult, or if the new year brings unexpected obstacles, we can never forget to serve others. We are told to serve others by Jesus himself and it is even the measurement used to separate people into two groups at the end of time (Matthew 25). At BCCA, service is not only talked about, but done each year in things like the Downtown Rescue Mission and MIssion Trip.

Thank you for your support and prayers through 2019 and we look forward to seeing what God will do with BCCA in 2020!


Lucas Smith,


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Jan. 6 First day of school back from Christmas Vacation

Jan. 20 Martin Luther King Holiday (No School)

Jan. 21 Down Town Rescue Mission Field Trip (Grades 5-9)

Jan. 26 School Day (Sunday) Cathedral Caverns Field Trip (Grades K-4)

Jan. 26-27 Education Fair at BMA (Grades 5-9)

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We have a new feature added to our newsletter. Every month we will learn about one of the families attending BCCA. With all the busyness of life, here is a great way to know each other better. This month our resident Family Connections member Dahlia Swatzell interviewed the Higginbothams Family. If you would like to be featured as out next family in the BCCA Newsletter, contact informaton can be found in the attached document below.

The Schmitt Family (by Dahlia Swatzell)

The Schmitts are dad Jesse, mom Lisa, Joseph (15) and Jordon (14). Both boys have attended Big Cove Christian Academy for many years, with Jordon now in the upper grades and Joseph now in the distance learning program. You may have seen Lisa presenting or representing one of her many activities within the school or Central SDA church with Jesse never far behind, participating and supporting. They are a calm, yet energetic couple who are fueled by a passion to pass on Christ’s character to their boys every chance they get. They are a happy, welcoming family who have blessed many people within the church and school by sharing their walk with God through their actions and drawing in others to join them. Thank you to the Schmitts for being our first family of 2020 for this series!

There's more! Click the attachment below to learn more about the Schmitt Family

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BCCA & Central Church Christmas Program

The Big Cove Christian Academy students put on a beautiful performance for the annual Christmas program. This year's program was entitled "The Great I AM", directed by Sherry Daily. Through scripture narrative excerpts, singing, and dramatic acting the story of Christ's birth was presented eloquently by the students. Special music included a piano solo by Avryl Navarro. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day a blessing, and to our school family and friends for supporting this event. Special thanks to our Music Director, Malinda McCleary, guest speakers Tearl King & Derek Bowe, and the BCCA teachers for their time and commitment to bringing glory to God through music and words.


Cathedral Caverns Field Trip Jan. 26 (Sunday)

On Jan 26 (Sunday), an exciting opportunity to take education outside the classroom is coming soon! While the upper grades attend the Education Fair at Bass Memorial Academy, grades K-4 will participate on a field trip to Cathedral Caverns! Cathedral Caverns State Park is a publicly owned recreation area and natural history preserve. Notable features of the caverns include: an entrance believed to be the world's widest entrance to a commercial cave; the column known as Goliath, one of the largest stalagmites in the world; the large flow stone "waterfall," 32ft tall and 135ft long; the Big Room, 792ft long and 200ft wide; and the Mystery River. Don't miss this opportunity to explor and learn about God's creation!


Education Fair (Jan. 26-27)

We are rolling along through our third quarter of the school year. Students in grades 5-8 will be travelling to Bass Memorial Academy on Sunday, January 26, to join students from sister schools across our conference for the annual Education Fair. Because our participation in Education Fair is counted as a school day both Sunday and Monday, we will also have school Sunday for the lower grades, K-4. The teachers will have further details for you as necessary.

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Nursing Home Ministries

What a blessing and a testimony to have BCCA students visit the Brooksdale Nursing Home, where they shared their talents in bringing the story of Jesus's birth to life in song. Special thanks to Malinda McCleary and Kristi Bishop for leading out in songs, and to Avryl Navarro and Portia Rierson for their piano accompaniment. May God continue to bless BCCA, so that the seed of servitude is planted in the hearts of the children.


Downtown Rescue Mission Community Outreach (Jan. 21)

Part of Big Cove Christian Academy's mission is to reach the community and help those in need. One of the biggest needs in the homeless community is the need for shoes/hats. From Jan. 6 to Jan. 20, we will be collecting new or slightly used shoes/hats for the Downtown Rescue Mission. They can be any size, for either a male or female. A box labeled "SHOE MINISTRY" will be placed in the front of the school. These shoes will be personally delivered to the organization by the upper grade students, when they go there to serve lunch to the residents.Thank you for being a part of this outreach!

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. Proverbs 19:17

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This month we learned about bee keeping. The students learned about the parts to a beehive and the tools used to care for bees. They also learned about who does all the work in a beehive along with all the roles the female bees take on through their lifecycle. The highlight for many is the chance to try honey straight from the honeycomb.

Tearl King

Garden Coordinator

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Tis the season to roll up your selves and get back to work and school!

My wife, Pam, and I have been working during the break unpacking boxes and moving furniture around. Moving is hard work. Pam has carried the load since I came down with the flu the day after Christmas. Ugh!

What’s exciting about our move is that everyone has made us feel so loved and welcomed. Praise the Lord for the family of God. 2020 is going to be a wonderful year!

A New Year ushers in new opportunities to set goals, make positive change and experience a fresh start. Thinking about positive change, I’ve been both encouraged and challenged by a friend’s recent FaceBook post on “How to Be Happy.”

How To Be Happy

  • get outside each day

  • move: walk, exercise, dance

  • spend less than you earn

  • view life as play

  • be the one who looks for solutions

  • develop a bias to contribute and create

  • learn from the lucky and successful

  • be the first to say hello

  • be reliable

    Of course, we would add “Trust Jesus” at the top of the list, recognizing that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Happy New Year!

Love Always,

Pastor Randy Mills

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