Become Safer Online With Your Customer Data

Cookies: What are they and what are the dangers and benefits?

A cookie is small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser whilst that person is browsing that website. A session cookie will only store the information whilst the website is still in use on that computer but, a Persistent cookie will store the information for a longer period of time, such as shopping websites. They may store anything you put into your 'basket' and keep it for every time you re-visit the website. There are also other types of cookies, secure cookies and third-party cookies. A secure cookie is always encrypted, making it safe and hard to intercept. A third-party cookie is a cookie from a website other than the one you are browsing, these may be dangerous as they may have the ability to access your history and your data.

Adware, Spyware and how to stop them.

Adware is software given to the user with embedded advertisements, these advertisements pop up without warning and without being 'told to' by the user. Spyware is software that installs itself on your computer, it can then gather your information such as your history, passwords etc. To stop both of these things, you should not install it, this can be done by downloading something from a website, some sites may guarantee that their downloads are spyware free but, this is based on trust. The more reputable a website, the more likely it is that their guarantee is true. Also, you can install any kind of virus protector which will protect your computer from adware and software before it can get to any of your information.

Browser Settings That Help and How To Set Them.

On Google Chrome, settings on the Advanced Settings page such as Phishing and Malware Protection, SSL certificates and Settings and Web Content Settings. To do this, have a look here and follow the instructions.

What To Check On A Website When Sending Data...

You should check that the website is secure, to check that there may be a padlock either in the web address bar or at the bottom of the screen, sometimes the web address bar will also go green.