Teen Obesity

By: Zachary Mackovitch (Classroom Project)

Big Problem In America

Did you know that about 33% of teens in America are obese and the number is growing? People that only eat fast food and not any healthy food are at risk of many things. They can live a shorter life with the risk of diabetes, cancer and more. Do you really want to put yourself in danger of all of these risks and your personal health? Eat right and choose a healthy life style!

Fast Food Danger, The Main Problems

A lot of people think that some fast foods are healthy food. Maybe they go to McDonald's and just get a salad yet they don't think what is in the salad. Fast food is still fast food even if it looks healthy. It is important to look out for what you eat so you don't become obese or in this case, it doesn't come back and bite. Making sure you eat right is everything and is extremely important to your body and your health. If you just go out to eat everyday of the week, your body will not be good. Eat right and not eat junk food so much so your body will thank you.
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Working Out Helps

If you just work out everyday, it'll soon pay off. Even if it is just a quick 30 minute workout. If you eat a gigantic meal, it may make you gain a few pounds but with working out, you'll stay healthy. Just remember to eat right and workout
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