Green Revolution and GMO

Emma Hansen

Bangel Famine

The Bangle Famine hit Bangle Provence in the british india area, during world war 2 following the Japanese of Burma. Almost 3 million people died due to this famine.

Three elements of green revolution

  • continued expansion of farming areas
  • doubled cropping and existing of farm land
  • using seeds with improved genetics

2 positives of green land

  • yield per unit increased by 30%
  • indian wad established as the biggest agriculture procedures
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positive Sociological, economic, or political

  • created many job openings and not only in agriculture and farming
  • created many industry jobs
  • india paid back loans from the local banks


  • not sure if green revolution have been successful
  • not self- sufficient because india still has to import

Pros of GNO

  • went from starving country to an exporting food
  • opened up many job opportunities
  • grain out put was about 131 million tons
  • india paid back all loans to the world bank

Cons of Gno

  • land becomes more unhealthy because nutritions are going away
  • weeds increased
  • pest infestations are going up
  • loss of bio diversity