Social Networking

By: Joshua Harmon

Some Scoial Networks are VERY dangerous

Whatever you post online stay online anyone can see it. Some people have lost their jobs because they posted their job was boring. Anybody can access your personal information on Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram and Snapchat are also very Dangerous

Snapchat says it deletes your picture after it is sent but it does not and it can be sent to other people. On Instagram people can post very weird pictures on instagram which can pretty much ruin their life. On Snapchat and Instagram people think their picutres go away right away but they don not so don't take any weird pictures and send them to your friends.

Guaranteed to be very dangerous

Frequently asked questions

Why are some of the social networking sites so dangerous? They are very dangerous because anyone can acces your information that you put on your page. Why can people from your business or work see what you post if your not frineds with them? They can see what you post because you have your privacy settings on public and that means everbody can see what you posted when they enter your name.
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