Stay in school

Research questions

Guiding Questions

What five distinct and relevant questions would you need to answer to make an effective PSA?

  1. Why do people chose not to stay in school?

  2. What are some benefits of staying in school?

  3. What are the disadvantages of dropping out?

  4. How will it affect your life later on?

  5. What will happen right after you drop out?

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Summary of research

Dropping out of school is a huge problem that needs to stop. Dropping out of school is a problem for mostly high school, and college students. They drop out because school can be very frustrating sometimes, yet staying in school has so much advantages and it also impacts your life in the future. ¨High-school dropouts fare substantially worse than their peers on a wide variety of long-term outcomes. On average, a dropout earns less money, is more likely to be in jail, is less healthy, is less likely to be married, and is unhappier than a high-school graduate.¨ This quote clearly explains how much better of you are if you stay in school and go to college! Now i’m not saying that people who drop out of school are bad people, what I am saying is that if you stay in school you are better off in life because it impacts it so much. ¨Graduating from high school will determine how well you live for the next 50 years of your life. High school graduates earn $143 more per week than high school dropouts. College graduates earn $336 more per week than high school graduates ($479 more per week than high school dropouts);¨ Obviously this quote is saying that staying in school will affect your life in a good way and in this particular saying people who stay in school will earn more money. In conclusion, staying in school is obviously the better choice!