Battles of War World ll

Adriana Torrez

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Pacific Front

The Bataan Death March

  • Japanese struck Philippine Islands
  • General Douglas MacArthur was in charge
  • Japanese controlled south pacific
  • April 19 1942 an American soldier was sent with a flag to surrender to the Japanese
  • troops were forced to march 65 miles to prison camps
  • Japanese sent American soldiers to camp Odonald
  • Philippines and Americans were beaten and about 6-11 thousand were killed
The “Two-Pronged Attack” Strategy

  • the key goal was to make a mainland invasion with the strategy
  • MacArthur and Nimitz were in control
  • MacArthur wanted to push toward the northwest to New Guinea coast and Bismarck Archipelago to liberate the Philippines
Island Hopping

  • Goal was to gain military bases and secure the small island in the pacific
  • Attack lead by Commander Douglas Macarthur and Admiral Cherster Nimitz
  • the U.S slowly moved closer to japan taking control of the surrounding islands to eventually move a mainland invasion
  • Nimitz crossed the central Pacific hopping through the Gilbert, Marshall, Caroline and Marianas islands.
Battle of Midway

  • Was fought mostly with war aircraft
  • U.S beat japans first line also U.S first win against Japan
  • Admiral Chester W. Nimitz new what the Japanese were going to do because of the code breaking due to technological advances
Iwo Jima

  • Japanese built caves,dugouts,tunnels, and underground installations
  • U.S attack the Japanese home islands
  • The battle lasted 37 days and the U.S takes the win even throughout the difficult condition that they had to go through.
  • The photograph of The raising of the flag was captured at this battle

  • Was the last and biggest of the Pacific Islands battles
  • The environment was very populated so there much more civilian casualties
  • General Simon B. Buckner died in this battle
  • Battle lasted 82 days
  • To gain time the Japanese change their tactics
Chester Nimitz
  • Born February 24 1855 in Fredericksburg ,Texas
  • Chester William Nimitz was a fleet admiral of the Unites States Navy
  • He played a vital role in War World Two
  • greatest success was the the Battle of Midway in witch he destroyed the Japanese
  • Directed the U.S. victories at Midway, Iwo Jima and Okinawa
  • Commander of the Pacific fleet in War World Two
Douglas MacArthur

  • Born January 26 1880 in Little Rock,Arkansas
  • Fought in War World One and in War World Two as Commander of Allied Forces in the Pacific
  • launched a number of successful offensive operations against the Japanese military
  • Island hopping was one of his strategies

The Flying Tigers

  • 1st American Volunteer Group of the Chines Air force
  • Claire Lee Chennault was the Commander
  • Their purpose was to defend China from Japanese forces
  • Also had pilots from the United States Army Air Corps,Navy,and Marine Corps
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Closing in on Hitler from Three Sides

  • The U.S,Great Britain,and Soviet Union stopped Nazi Germany from 3 fronts all of different sides
  • The goal was to keep Germany isolated and to keep them from moving further into Great Britain
  • The U.S and Great Britain were closing up from the Mediterranean and France while the Soviet Union closed up in Berlin
  • Nazi Germany surrenders
The Invasion of Normandy (D-Day)

  • Western Allies launched the largest invasion
  • June 6 1944
  • Americans,Canadians,and British all had troops on the ground
  • U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower was in control
  • The plan was to liberate France
The Battle of the Bulge

  • German Offensive campaign towards the western front
  • Hitler wanted to separate the allied forces
  • costliest battle ever fought by the U.s Army and suffered over 100,000 casualties

Dwight Eisenhower

  • Born October 14, 1890, Dension, Texas
  • Became the 34th president
  • Commanded the D-day invasion
  • U.S General during WW2
George Patton

  • Born November 11 in 1855 in San Gabriel California
  • Assigned to the U.S Army Tank Corps during WW1
  • led the U.S 7th Army in its invasion of Sicily and swept across northern France
  • Played a vital role in defeating the Nazi power in Germany

Omar Bradley

  • Born February 12 1893 Randolph Country, Missouri,Mo
  • He was the success of the Normandy Campaign
  • Commanded more troops than any General in American History
  • he was known as the Soldiers General because he was compassionate to his soldiers

George Marshall

  • Born December 31, 1880, Uniontown,PA
  • Named Chief of Staff in WWll
  • Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Was involved in Operation Overload which was a plan for the Allied forces to invade Europe

The Navajo Code Talkers

  • Navajo is an Indian language Soldiers used to communicate so that the Japanese or Germans would know their plans
  • Was used in WWll because no one knew how to break the code
  • The Idea came from Philip Johnston about the commutation and was soon adapted

The Tuskegee Airmen

  • The First African American Military Aviators In the U.S Armed Forces
  • They were pilots
  • Only program were African Americans were able to serve because it was still deeply segregated
  • In the future they play a big role with helping to stop segregation

The Fall of Berlin

  • very bloody battle with civilians and military
  • last battle of War World Two
  • Soviet Union went into Germany to finally defeat Hitler