Cyber Safety

By: Nathalya Jackson

What Is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is when a teen or preteen is targeted online by another teen. Cyber bullying is most likely to happen on social media sites. These teens either get harassed, threatened or embarrassed when targeted by a bully. Which can lead to other dangers like self harm or suicide for example.

What Makes Cyber Bullying so different?

Cyber bullying is bad because it is on the internet which everyone is on 24/7. Which is very bad fore the victim because cyber bullying mostly is on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram or snap chat. Which are very popular sites people are on and that can make teen who's getting bullied feel surrounded. And whatever is posted online stays online forever as for bullying is a more closer approach because the person is face to face with their target.

How to Prevent Cyber Bullying

  • Know the sites your kids visit and their online activities. Ask where they’re going, what they’re doing, and who they’re doing it with.
  • Tell your kids that as a responsible parent you may review their online communications if you think there is reason for concern. Installing parental control filtering software or monitoring programs are one option for monitoring your child’s online behavior, but do not rely solely on these tools.
  • Have a sense of what they do online and in texts. Learn about the sites they like. Try out the devices they use.
  • Ask for their passwords, but tell them you’ll only use them in case of emergency.
  • Ask to “friend” or “follow” your kids on social media sites or ask another trusted adult to do so.
  • Encourage your kids to tell you immediately if they, or someone they know, is being cyberbullied. Explain that you will not take away their computers or cell phones if they confide in you about a problem they are having.