The Night

Camp Life

The Effects...

During their time in the concentration camp the Jews had endured so much that they started behaving like wild animals. Survival was the number one priority. For example, they started stealing from others, hoping the weak would die, and attacking each other for tiny bits of food and water. Family units even began to break down and many fought like strangers to survive. When put through so many horrible atrocities we would all begin to change our personalities and lash out as they did.


*Eliezer had to struggle to keep his religion.

*During his time at the camps he struggled to keep his beliefs in the spiritual thing all around him

*In the camps, everyone had struggle to keep the families close to them, not only in a physical way, but also in a emotional way.

What does this novel say about us as human beings?

People change their personalities based on the surroundings and adapt in order to survive. This makes me think of the TV show The Walking Dead. In the show people become hardened and the personalities change and they are able to do things they would never normally do in order to stay alive. This is simply what the Jewish people did, they adapted to survive.