William Kue

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Airfare cost and Schedule

The flight cost for two adults is $2,501 to Dubai.The first departure is April 19th, on Delta airlines at 1:15 pm.Then the first stop is in Atlanta you will be arriving there at 6:00 pm.Then will be switching planes then off to Dubai, takeoff is at 10:09 pm, and will be landing at 8:20 pm in Dubai. Then on May 3rd you will be leaving. At 8:08 am you will be departing to Atlanta and then a 22 hr layover time to your next flight home.



The hotel you will be spending the night at will be the Dubai Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf. Which is a five star hotel with on average $176 per night for the two weeks in Dubai.Also, while you spend your time in the hotel you can unwind in their spa tubs, or the outdoor pools,and saunas.To add to the already relaxing activities you can relax in full-service spas and body massages and body treatment.To compliment the hotel and its features the nice sand and beach is another great addition.As you get hungry or thirsty you can eat and drink at the multiple coffee shops.



A few activities in Dubai are that you can visit Burj Al Arab, or also known as The tower of Arabs.Where you can see unbelievable sights up at the top of this sail.Also, this is a beautiful sight from a far. With this marvelous big white sail standing on the horizon along the coast line. Many people glorify this building as a masterpiece of Dubai.


Another location you can see is the Burj Khalifa. Which is the tallest building in the world. So when visiting you can go onto the very upper deck at the top, of this 124 floor building. Where you can take in breath taking sights as you are at the very top. However others can be afraid and terror-stricken of how high they are.


The third and final activity is iFly Dubai where you can be in a skydiving simulator. Where you can get one on one instructions and teaching with experienced instructors.They teach body positions and how it controls how you move in the air tunnel. Also to include that they give free skydiving gear.


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Now a big problem in travelling is flight delays or cancellation. Now these two problems mostly happens because of the weather or to mechanical problems. With that said, a way you can prevent this from happening to you is one, you can book a direct flight to your destination. Another way to solve this problem is if you have a connecting flight, then make sure the layover time in between flights is greater. So this ensures less delays for your next flight, this also allows you the traveler to prepare better for your next flight.



To conclude your dream trip went just as well as you thought. As you have a nice two stop flight to Dubai. Which went smoothly, thanks to your preparation of the possilblities of your flight being delayed. Also you planning and booking a five star hotel earlier which is very smart. Now Upon arriving you were astonished by the service and the luxry for the two weeks you spent. So for the two weeks, you went and visited and did fun activities as you visited Burj Al Arab. You also visited Burj Khalifa and experienced skydiving in the iFly Dubai skydiving simulator. Then by May third you will be departing which your flights home went smoothly, as you also went by customs leaving the country. To wrap up you had an amazing time and this trip went just as you have dreamed about.